reflexive - 2008 - Crafts Study Centre - Farnham uses, fluid colour and interactivity to transform the Craft Study Centre atrium bathing the double height space in an animated light. The Crafts Study Centre is an important archive of artist craft production including a large collection of Leach pottery. The double height glazed foyer atrium is located close to the entrance to the University of the Creative Arts in Farnham on a public road. It faces the outside world, but the its dynamic heart is not obvious from the unassuming exterior. By bathing the architectural volume of the foyer in a brilliant animated light Reflexive transforms the architectural form to create a visual expression of the vibrant spirit of the Crafts Study Centre and its intellectual content. There is an interesting connection through the Leach collection to where I live close to St Ives and the original Leach Pottery and the light and landscape that continues to inspire artists and crafts people to live and work in West Cornwall. To make the connection the colours for reflexive were selected from the autumn colours of the Cornish landscape. There are 30 different colour maps created from photographs and drawings of colour combinations made at different times of day and under varying weather conditions. The maps are programmed into a DMX controller connected to a barometric sensor and a proximity sensor. Every three minutes the controller scans the barometric sensor and uses the atmospheric pressure feedback data to adjust the colour of the lights. In addition a proximity sensor positioned by the front entrance changes the colour of the lights in response to pedestrians passing by. reflexive comprises of three custom made strips of high-powered LEDs running from the floor to ceiling. One on the central column and one on either side of the glazed facade. The LEDs all face inward away from the window and are only visible in reflection when viewed from outside so that the work becomes the illuminated volume of the space with no direct glare from the LEDs. They are fitted with 2 degree by 120 degree flares lenses. These spread the light in narrow horizontal beams to create soft stripes of light. The LEDs are arranged in clusters of red, green, blue and yellow LEDs. By controlling the intensity of each coloured LED it is possible to create a complete spectrum of colours as the light from each LED mixes and is reflected back from the walls. There are five separate control circuits creating five levels of horizontal digital colour from floor to ceiling creating a magical woven hanging of light and sumptuous colour. refexive was commissioned by the Crafts Study Centre, University for the Creative Arts in Farnham with support from the Foyle Foundation.