elements - St Peters and Broadway Bridges - Maidstone - UK

Light and water are essential to life. Where they mix and interact they create beautiful colours and reflections that make us appreciate the complexity of the universe.

Artificial light compliments the daylight creating a sense of wonder, excitement and security for the night landscape of the built environment.

The inspiration for Light Elements came from the proximity of the two bridges and how they form a circle of traffic movement around a basin oasis of calm of fishermen and pedestrians. The proposal was to create a light installation that would be informed by the structure of the bridges using animated light and reflections to visually connect the two bridges and animate the space between them.

Broadway Bridge
St Peters Bridge

Water, light, bridges, people and the traffic create a space of modern life and ancient symbolism. Using text commands allowed the work to explore ideas that link a contemporary materialistic view of the world to an emotional symbolic relationship that exists between people and the environment.

The installation can be changed from anywhere using a mobile telephone. 0775864202 Text Commands - earth, wood, fire, water, metal, air, elemental.

Elements uses cast aluminium custom made light fittings each with one RGB pixel of high powered LEDs. The LEDS are controlled by DMX triggered by text messages, through a modem and GMS controller.

Elements was commissioned by Maidstone Borough Council as part of the 'Walk of Art' program.