exchange gallery penzance - is a former telephone exchange that has been transformed into an inspirational art gallery space. Inspired by the colours of the sea and sky around the Penwith peninsula the light work uses high powered LEDs to illuminate the 55metre glass facade with animated waves of soft diffused blues and greens. The installation is interactive creating pulses of colour triggered by the movement of people on the pavement outside and the local weather around the gallery. There are 150 arrays of blue, green and white high-powered LEDs one between each fin along the lower edge of the facade. The spaces between each fin act like light pipes, the light is bounced up and down creating a physical glow. The LED arrays are connected to a DMX controller with inputs from barometric and proximity sensors. A barometric sensor slowly changes the background colour depending on atmospheric pressure. There are proximity sensors at either end of the facade that pick up the movement of people and send pulses of white light along the facade at walking pace. Commissioned by the Newlyn Gallery for the Exchange Gallery in Penzance 2008, funded by the Arts Council England and realised in collaboration with project architects MUMA.