radiance - The Lightbox - Woking

The lightbox is Woking's new art gallery and museum housing the permanent collection of historic objects from Woking as well as hosting contemporary art exhibitions and dance performances.

radiance uses high-powered RGB LEDs and movement sensors to create an interactive light installation with a multicoloured gem like quality. People moving inside the building trigger ripples of colourful sparkling light creating a strong outward sign of the life inside the building.

The inspiration for radiance comes from the idea that the Lightbox is like a jewel box because of its precious collection of art objects and the buildings golden metal cladding. The jewels are also the people who live and work in Woking who pass through the building and give it modern life. The aim for radiance is to make the lights express a spirit that this is a building for the present and the future as well as the past.

Dichroic film in the double glazing creates subtle coloured shadows.
Image by Peter Cook

radiance was commissioned by the Lightbox with funding from the Arts Council and realised in collaboration with Marks Barfield Architects.

The Lightbox has won the Art Fund Prize 2008 and a RIBA SE award 2008.