....... an artist working with light




Neon Tower, Northern Quarter, Manchester. 13m.

Highly animated and visible from miles around, this beacon sculpture uses brilliant neon colours to reflect the vibrancy of this rapidly developing area - a location of refurbished warehouse apartments, creative design businesses and bars.


Patrick Heron Sculpture, Victoria, London. 20m.

Intense cold-cathode colours illuminate the structure of the 'big painting sculpture'. A collaboration with the artist, Patrick Heron and architects, Feary and Heron.


The Studio, Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester. 9m.
Chandelier, The Anvil, Basingstoke. 2m.

Three dimensional neon tubing creates a freeform calligraphy in light. Both these installations were made for performing arts centres where the concept was to articulate an impression of energy and inspiration for the space.


Highbury and Islington Christmas Roundabout, London

Cold-cathode tubing on painted reflectors create visual fireworks in nine trees and animate Highbury Corner, one of the busiest roundabouts in North London. Trees of Light, was first commissioned by Islington Borough Council in 1995 to celebrate 'Tree dressing day' and they have been festively installed every December since.


Neon Balcony, Tate, St Ives. 3m wide.

St Ives Funky Christmas. A lyrical sculpture made from coloured glass tubing mounted on white reflectors, surrounding a balcony overlooking Porthmeor Beach. This was the first of a series of projects for the Tate Gallery St Ives to create festive lighting installations.


Blue Dreamer 4m

Six colours of blue fills the room with intense light. Blue Dreamer was made for an exhibition at Wolf At The Door, Penzance, in 1994. This work serves to articulate Peter's interest in the conflict between the fluid flow of a linear gesture and the arduous precision required in the making of the lighted tube.

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