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Rainbow Bridge, Deptford High Street, London is a new art light installation. A moving rainbow of light transforms the historic railway bridge. Colour changing LED floodlights on the front elevations and under the bridge illuminate the whole structure of the railway bridge. There are different rainbow programs for each month of the year and special day programs for international celebration days. The installation reflects the vibrancy and cultural diversity of Deptford and commissioned by Lewisham Borough Council.
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Opposite Curves is a new freestanding neon sculpture. Six coloured glass curves radiate a mix of intense colours that create a soft multicoloured glow.
Over the past twenty years I have been  making site specific light sculptures and light installations in the built environment and the public domain. They are one off poetic light artworks that are realised in response to a geographic and social location. They are commissioned by galleries, local authorities, architects, landscape designers and building developers to bring optimistic colour and life into the built environment. A larger selection of them can be seen at  on my previous web site

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