Shallal Dance Theatre Collaboration
We’ve been experimenting with colour changing floodlights, improvised dance and sound to explore colour and space. It’s been inspiring to work with the Shallal dancers who are fantastic as they physically embody the colour space. The different colours create immersive colour fields that change the emotional quality of space. The dancers and musicians articulate these changes in a very visceral way that is moving to experience. We've just given our first public performance in Redruth, Cornwall. As part of the introduction I gave a talk about making light sculpture and working with Shallal. If you would like to download the text and images there's a pdf file on this link.
Reflex Cambridge
Following the completion of Reflex the interactive light installation on 22 Station Road Cambridge. Work has now begun on 30 Station Road. I am in the early stages of designing and extending the light installation on 22 to included 30 Station Road. 
Over the past twenty years I have been  making site specific light sculptures and light installations in the built environment and the public domain. They are one off poetic light artworks that are realised in response to a geographic and social location. They are commissioned by galleries, local authorities, architects, landscape designers and building developers to bring optimistic colour and life into the built environment. A larger selection of them can be seen at  on my previous web site

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