cloud - oldham Library and lifelong learning centre - oldham

Oldham library and life long learning centre is new achitect designed building situated with stunning views of the surrounding hills and an enormous sky. At night it becomes part of the vast urban lightscape that spreads from Liverpool to Leeds. With cloud I wanted to create a work that plays with the relationship between the artificial built environment and the natural landscape.

cloud is made of a series of blue neon tubes suspended at varying heights between the outside wall and the glazed rain screen on the South facing elevation. Each tube is individually programmed using DMX to create moving electric clouds of light. There is a different cloud formation for each day of the week.

cloud evolves and changes over time and there is a different animated programme for each day of the week.
Wednesday Cloud - click here for the other days
cloud was commissioned by Oldham Borough Council in collaboration with Pringle Richards and Sharratt Architects.