the lighthouse - Poole Arts Centre - is the home of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and a contemporary performance space, cinema and Gallery. I designed the lighting installation for the front facade to work closely with the architectural form to create an installation that expresses the spirit, and function of the building. The aim is to convey a sense of live performance and celebration through intense animated colour. Floodlights and cold cathode tubing create ripples of light in the glass and zinc natural ventilation stacks at the front and end of the building visualising the movement of air. Neon tubes attached to the lift car create a moving rainbow visible from outside and highlight the entrance. Indigo blue floodlights wash the walls of the original building with deep purple blue light. Recessed lights with dichroic filters illuminate the colennade.The light installation for the lighthouse was completed in 2002 as part of the refurbishment of Poole Arts Centre designed by Short Associates Architects.