special days - is a light sculpture for Primrose Hill primary school in Birmingham. It uses power from the schools wind turbine to create a positive visual sign for life in the school. The design for the sculpture came from working with the children and staff at the school. The head teacher mentioned that the site of the school, now in an urban sprawl of modern housing estates, was once a meadow filled with Primroses giving rise to the schools name. The form of Special Days emerged returning home and seeing the wild Primroses in the garden and realising it would be fantastic to make a modern flower for the school. Byr talking to the pupils and staff I started to understand that the rhythm of the school is set by the cycle of the schools annual timetable. In response the sculpture has a computer controller with a time and calendar function. flower power has a single colour for each day of the week with a contrasting coloured spot moving slowly round each hour. There are also programmed many special days suggested by the pupils, for example Spring solstice, Valentines Day, Holocaust Day and St George's Day. On these days flower power wakes up and displays a unique colour program specific to the anniversary. There are some festival days that move around the calendar, and also pupils birthdays to be celebrated. To accommodate these there are a number of special buttons on the control panel and individual light sequences can be selected manually. Specials Days has the spirit of a wild flower and an organic form with a jewel like quality form laser cut stainless steel and LED light. The addition of light and colour changing through the year creates an uplifting ambience in the school and reflects the annual cycle of nature and the academic year. Created in 2012