prism dancer - Shirehall - Stafford - UK

prism dancer was inspired by the former use of the Shirehall Gallery as a courthouse and jail. My response to idea of people being judged and imprisoned is to create an interactive light sculpture that uses primary colours of light rising vertically to express a spirit of escape and freedom.

The design of prism dancer is an interactive light chandelier that is appropriate to the tall space and context, it has a strong visual presence during the day and fills the space with soft coloured light at night, making it visible from the town square, giving the historic building a contemporary heart.

prism dancer uses a RGB system (Red, Green and Blue) cold cathode colours mix to create dynamic colour changes. A motion sensor built into the chandelier triggers a colour sequence every time someone walks below the sculpture sending ripples colour up and around the sculpture. If a lot of people pass under the sculpture or someone dances below the sculpture there is a continuous wave of animated colour.

prism dancer was commissioned by Staffordshire County Council for the Shirehall Gallery Stafford. Photographs by Owen Hurcombe
Design stage animation