light weave - QPark - Musgrove Park NHS Hospital - Taunton - is an architectural lighting installation that combines light and wooden louvres to create an animated facade that softens the utilitarian nature of the car park and creates a positive and uplifting visual spectacle for the hospital and it's users. light weave has the appearance of a woven fabric of light with varying textures shot through with fine threads of pure colour. From the inside there are a succession of views affected by the different colours and degrres of transparency through the louvres. Extra lights installed in the stairwell at the entrance create a colour sequence for people walking up the stairs. Using IP rated fluorescent tubes fitted with special coloured sleeves and by carefully designing the various angles of the louvre blades intense bands of electric colour mix with light entering and leaving the car park to create an intricate, texture of light, colour and transparency. Design + light animation. light weave was commissioned by Qpark as part of the 'Art for Life' program at Musgrove Park NHS Hospital Trust Taunton - Architects Potter and Holmes Architects.