redruth green blue - imagines the industrial heritage of Redruth through digital eyes exploring ways the architectural environment can be reinterpreted through colour and light. redruth green blue is a light banner combining digitally printed architectural details and projected LED RGB light. For the project students from Redruth School took photographs of Redruth, focussing on the town's architectural past. Following a number of workshops with silk screen prints and viewing the results under changing coloured lights, the photographs were edited, manipulated, assembled into a photo montage, and printed as a single banner 5m x 6m. The colours and composition are designed so that the architectural details jump out or recede depending on the colour of light projected. The lighting is provided by a linear RGB high powered LED strip running along the bottom and top of the banner. The colours are programmed to change over time, sometimes a single slow changing colour and other times a variety of faster changing colours. redruth green blue is a community lead collaboration with textile artist Tony Minion and year 10 students from Redruth School. redruth green blue was commissioned by REAP (Redruth education art partnership) 2012 as part of the towns regeneration that has included floodlighting historic buildings in the town with LED light.