light engine - is sited at the home of Timothy Hackworth an early pioneer of the railways. light engine was inspired by the railways and the way they transformed the world, creating new forms of social mobility through rapid communications. In response light engine uses contemporary communication technology of text messaging in conjunction with the latest RGB LED's to create an interactive light beacon that celebrates the resonance and emotional vitality of the early railways. Texting locomotive names - Locomotion - Globe -Sans Pareil - Magnet - Arrow - Shildon - to the sculpture trigger different light animations. The light sequences are programmed to conjure the words through colour and movement, creating contemporary visual equivalents for these classic early locomotives. Beautiful colours are achieved through colour mixing RGB. They are highly visible during the day and spectacular at night. The form of the sculpture and the pattern of the lights are inspired by the signal lights of the railway. The title is a play on a LED RGB array and an railway engine without a train both are called a 'light engine'. Commissioned by the NRM for Locomotion museum at Shildon in 2005.

Text messages trigger multi-coloured light sequences.