lightflow - 2007 are two complementary, text reactive, sculptures that reflect the theme of water in the landscape design and the spirit of the surrounding tall glass and steel modernist buildings of the The Hub MK.

Living in West Cornwall on the Penwith Penninsula surrounded by water I am continually inspired by the beautiful shifting colours that are created as sunlight is reflected between the sky and the sea.

For lightflow I wanted to express this sensory emotion of light and water using new digital LED lights, computer controls and SMS text messaging.

lightflow consists of two 4 metre vertical towers of light and mirror stainless steel. The sculptures stand facing each other diagonally across the square. They create beacons of light marking the main routes into the piazza and form a visual axis linking the opposite corners of the square.

Anyone can choose an animated light sequence by texting one of six commands to the sculptures.

This is the first time I have used a digital LED pixel system with SMS messaging. This has allowed me amazing control to make some really beautiful animations.
The sculptures face each other diagonally across the square. In default the light colours mirror each other but I have also programmed the lights so that for some of the text message animations the lights on each column are doing different things creating an interesting dialogue of light between the sculptures across the square.
The Hub MK was officially opened by HRH the Queen and I had the honour of demonstrating how the sculptures worked.

Every piece of the sculptures is modelled in a CAD program and laser cut before coming back to my studio for assembly.


The sculptures being delicately installed in The Hub. I don't usually have so much manpower.

The text commands are:- Sparkle, Rainbow, Splash, Blue, Flow, Ripple and the telephone number is:- 07515 004433 All the commands are words that describe aspects of the interaction of light and water. Each command triggers off an animated display of colour and movement that is an artistic interpretation of the word. lightflow was commissioned by Milton Keynes and Quartet Design and was funded by Crest Nicholson.