twist n'tilt is a playful light sculpture that expresses the dynamic spirit of this extreme sport venue, using colour and form to create a feeling of excitement and risk. The proposal for twist n'tilt was to create a column of dizzily spiralling animated light that looks like it's in danger of falling over. Its colourful fragmented crystalline structure has a stripped down industrial feel, like a kind of anarchic construction from a crazy future world.Starting with a series of nine triangles and nine of the highest chroma fluorescent colours available. I put a different combination of two colours on each triangle. The triangles were then arranged at 1metre intervals along a 12-metre customised steel mast. At each level the triangles are rotated through 15 degrees and then tipped randomly.The lighting fluorescent tubes with coloured sleeves and satin diffusers, The satin diffusers give physicality to the light resulting in fabulous fat tubes of soft colour. The coloured sleeves and dimmable transformers allowed subtle animated colour mixing. twist n'tilt is a landmark at Xscape, just off the M62 in Wakefield, and was commissioned by Waystone Limited.