travelling light - 2005 is a gateway beacon sculpture for Weston super Mare and the SW of the UK. Sited at Junction 21 on the M5 motorway, travelling light welcomes travellers to the SW with a 13-metre column of animated light. travelling light has 2000 digitally controlled LEDs mounted on a laser cut mirrored stainless steel column. Each RGB LED node is individually programmable and a computer with an astronomical clock creates programmed lighting events for every day of the week and special effects for specific days and times of the year. During the week travelling light gently scrolls through the primary colours with an electric sparkle. There are rainbows on Saturday and all white on Sundays. On Valentines Day it throws up a river of pink hearts and simulated light fireworks for New Years eve. Other dates include electric snow for Christmas, cosmic colour patterns for summer and winter solstices, flames on bonfire night and space-invaders on Halloween. The mirror finish of the structure reflects the sky during the day changing colour depending on the climatic conditions. The South West has a quality of natural light that attracts vgisiting artists from all over the world. Seaside towns like Weston super Mare have traditionally used neon and spectacular lighting to attract visitors as part of the 'bucket and spade' holiday experience. For Travelling light I wanted to express these contrasting ideas about how light plays an important part in the enjoyment of SW using associations in the choice of form, light sources and the colour programming. travelling light was commissioned by Locking Castle Limited in consultation with North Somerset District Council 2005.