luminous motion - is a reactive light sculpture created for Year Three of the Winchester Light Art Project. Installed at the end of November 2002 in the grounds of Winchester Cathedral. luminous motion uses mobile telephone technology and text messaging to influence its appearance.

A six metre column of mirror stainless steel, pierced by 500 fibre-optic light points, the sculpture changes colour according to text messages sent by members of the public.

The sculpture developed out of thinking about physical and spiritual pathways. I was impressed with the idea of Winchester as a city situated at the convergence of pathways, and how this gave rise to the city's historical importance as a spiritual and political centre with its fantastic gothic cathedral.

One of the inspirations for luminous motion is the medieval Christian idea of an 'Axis Mundi'. This is the pivot at the centre of the universe, around which all creation rotates. It is also a symbolic silver thread that allows spiritual communication between heaven, earth and underworld.

For this project the emphasis is on modern routeways, real and virtual. I wanted to use contemporary light and new control technology to explore ideas of pathways and communication networks in the modern city through the language of light.

To change the colour and light patterns on luminous motion text one of these words to 099772345894 - White, Blue, Indigo, Magenta, Breathe, Eyepop, Lightdancer, Radiance

The sculpture returns a text message acknowledgement to the caller:-


luminous motion was commissioned by Winchester City Council 2002, project management Art Point and funded by the National Lottery through the Arts Council of England.